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With the help of proofs, possible graphic errors in the print data are detected before the production and can be corrected in time. Proofs are also used to check colour accuracy on original substrates, both at the start of production and during the job. Optimal technical preparation of the data via image processing, colour management and RIP (Raster Image Processor) ensure the perfect proof. The regular calibration of our proofing device guarantees a consistently reliable quality. We proof according to ISO 12647-7, simulate all current standard printing conditions of offset, gravure or newspaper printing and precisely imitate PANTONE special colours. By printing and measuring the FOGRA media wedge, we provide you with colour and legally binding documents, including an applied signed test report.

Our digital proofs on a wide range of packaging materials and advertising media also enable you to quickly and reliably visualise printed products before series production. Functional samples cut to contour, miniature views or partial cut-outs from the overall image can be realised flexibly and according to your needs.

Certificate ISO 12647 – ProzessStandard Offsetdruck (Process Standard Offset Printing)

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