From Aschaffenburg am Main.
From Aschaffenburg am Main.

Our foundation

We have been operating as an independent company for over 25 years.

We started in 1949 as "Chemigrafische GmbH" within a group of companies of the printing industry. Since the 90s we have been operating under the name "Mainteam" and have been economically independent since 1999. Today, you can find us with our design and graphics department, with product development for packaging and advertising technology as well as with our in-house print shop on the premises of the Main-Echo media company. Our team consists of around 20 employees. The majority of them have been with the company for an average of 16 years. We are proud of this.


Mainteam’s strengths

Wir sind kreative Problemlöser.

We combine creative ideas with precise and rational realisation. Open to a wide range of challenges, we have been able to establish ourselves in several business areas over the course of our company's history. While our beginnings were technology-driven, the creative side at Mainteam has been growing steadily since the turn of the millennium. Our versatile team offers a wide range of services and solves even complex tasks reliably and on time.


Our ambition

Quality is our top priority.

We are interested in innovations and technical progress. Our curiosity makes us want to constantly develop further. Of course, we are hereby also guided by the requirements of the market.

As early as 1988, we were pioneers in IT. We have been PSO-certified since 2004, keep ourselves technically up to date and still know what colour accuracy means. We like to develop ourselves further, whether technically, graphically or creatively.


Your benefits

  • Efficient working methods
  • Well-founded, long-standing know-how
  • Creative brand concepts
  • Professional media design
  • Innovative techniques
  • In-house print shop

» Thanks to constant development and our commitment to quality, we can today offer you a wide range of services. «


Mainteam Bild · Text · Kommunikation GmbH has proven itself as a partner for advertising, industry and media for more than 65 years. A look at the company's development proves our continuous growth in terms of technical innovations, quality and performance.

  • 1949

    Foundation of
    Chemigrafische GmbH;
    Production of letterpress clichés for newspaper production.

  • 1958

    Acquisition of first high-performance scanners for the production of colour sets.

  • 1971

    In addition to cliché production, photo-optical and photo-chemical duplication processes are becoming established

  • 1988

    Introduction of digital pre-press. Establishment of the business fields graphic design, typesetting and image editing using a Mac

  • 1992

    Realisation of first catalogue projects by means of database publishing

  • 1994

    Change of name to Mainteam Bild · Text · Kommunikation GmbH

  • 1995

    Starting with digital photography

  • 2001

    Establishment of toner-based digital printing

  • 2004

    First certification according to PSO for digital proof systems and press proof. 5th place in the Manager Magazine ranking for "Best Annual Reports".

  • 2005

    Introduction of ink-based digital large-format printing

  • 2010

    "Recognised training company" by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

  • 2013

    Expansion of large-format digital printing with flatbed printer and cutter system

  • 2016

    Rollout of packaging engineering and desgin

  • 2017

    Relocation to expand the production area.

  • 2019

    Employment of a packaging engineer, thereby deepening this area of expertise

  • 2019

    IHK certificate training company.
    15 years of PSO certification.

  • 2020

    IHK certificate training company.

  • 2023

    Tobias Jung becomes managing director.