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Packaging design is playing an increasingly important role in the current environmental trend. Consumers are becoming more sensitive to products unnecessarily packaged in plastic and complex composites.
New packaging concepts with a focus on sustainability
, waste avoidance and recyclability combined with attractive design are in demand. As an independent packaging developer, we provide you with independent and economically oriented advice on suitable packaging materials for your products. We develop and sample functional, innovative packaging solutions and create expressive print designs. We provide you with the perfect combination of functionality, product protection and an attractive appearance for the effective communication of your brand messages at the point of sale. Our packaging manufacture produces individual printed or unprinted packaging directly and easily in-house.

When selecting materials, we focus on fibre-based materials such as solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard and wood. When using plastics, we consider the optimal solution for you in terms of ecological and economic rationality.

We are constantly striving to promote innovative, sustainable materials. That is why Mainteam is a research partner of Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe (university of cooperative education) in the field of paper technology. We support the university in the development of packaging concepts that require a minimum of plastics or sensible plastic alternatives, such as biodegradable cellulose composites.

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