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Typesetting & final artwork

Correct data for creative designs

Many offer final artwork, only a few really master it. This is because it requires not only a trained eye and a feeling for aesthetics, but above all extensive technical knowledge. A sound foundation in typography and colour management is indispensable for perfect typesetting and image and graphics processing. Our know-how about subsequent (re)production techniques and processes is at least as important – for both print and non-print applications.

We perfect your layouts according to the latest state of the art until they are ready for printing or for use in all kinds of non-print media. Depending on the customer's wishes, we not only check fonts, pagination, compliance with standards, image and graphic data and colours. We also carry out image retouching and compositing at a high level. We can also make last-minute corrections in your final artwork. We are also happy to check compliance with your corporate design. We will clarify all technical issues that are necessary for the finishing of your documents. In addition, you also have the option of checking your print-ready layouts with us by means of a certified proof and using this colour-accurate print as a template for your production.

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