Fuchs Schmitt Point-of-Sale
Fuchs Schmitt Decorative cubes, mailing and catalogue

Fuchs Schmitt Advertising Material & Point-of-Sale

Fuchs Schmitt is a world-renowned manufacturer of women's jackets and coats based in Aschaffenburg. The current seasonal fashions for spring-summer and autumn-winter are promoted every six months. For this purpose, Fuchs Schmitt provides brochures, posters and other equip-
ment for the point-of-sale of the leading fashion houses. A lookbook accompanies each fashion collection. In addition, personalised mailings are used as reinforcing marketing support.

We are the partner for Fuchs Schmitt for true-colour, realistic image processing with the highest standards and produce the point-of-sale equipment in small runs. All shooting materials are perfectly matched to each other and to the original fabric samples before printing. We always check the results with our process standard offset certified proofs.
In order to be able to achieve the best possible result, our entire workflow is coordinated with this form of quality control. We also accompany the print approval with a keen eye on site in the print shop
to ensure the highest level of reliability for our customers. The certified proofs are indispensable at this point in order to achieve the decisive final touch with regard to colour accuracy for the production.

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