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Mainteam is research partner.

The search for innovative solutions to avoid plastic waste must be urgently promoted in view of the dramatic global disposal problems if we want to preserve our planet in its beauty and biodiversity. Global warming due to greenhouse gases, microplastics in the oceans and the effects of illegal waste incineration with toxic emissions and soil contamination endanger living beings and human health.

As a research partner, Mainteam supports the paper and process engineers at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe in the development of sustainable packaging solutions. The DHBW researchers are working on sustainable materials and processes to substitute packaging systems based on fossil raw materials. Established plastics are to be replaced by renewable alternatives and the circular economy promoted. In doing so, it is intended that existing paper and plastics technology facilities can continue to be used in a down-to-earth and practical manner. After all, sustainability is not only based on ecological and social aspects, but also on economically sensible perspectives for industrial transfer.

Mainteam advises the researchers on the development of resource-efficient packaging systems and supports the experimental testing of the processing properties of the innovations. Similarly, packaging solutions and prototypes with novel packaging materials are constructed and processed. The identification of utilisation perspectives, taking into account economic aspects, is just as much a part of the commitment as the development of marketing concepts to promote opportunities in the competition of packaging solutions.

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