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Annual Report 2003 GfK. Growth from Knowledge

Turning market opportunities into success

GfK Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg

Responsible for Annual Report
Dr. Ulrike Schöneberg

Scheufele, Kommunikationsagentur GmbH Frankfurt am Main

Fotografie Hornischer, Frankfurt am Main

Mainteam Bild-Text-Kommunikation GmbH, Aschaffenburg

Mediahaus Biering GmbH, München

Cover: lnvercote G by lgepa group
Inside: PhoenixMotion Xantur by Papierfabrik Scheufele

Differentiation in series

The GfK Group, Germany's longest-established market research institute and also number 5 in the global ranking of the sector, has been listed on the stock exchange since 1999. With the 2003 annual report, the aim was to continue the series begun with the award-winning predecessors in 2001 and 2002. With its clear four-part structure, the 2003 annual report continues to develop the successful concept in an evolutionary way. This latest edition is also a refreshing and positive contrast to the rest of the industry.

Seducing with information

Just as the work of the service provider GfK often provides its clients with surprising insights, the annual report also amazes with its consequent usability. Journalistic magazine style in the image section, incredibly lively and customer-oriented case studies and interviews for the presentation of the business divisions, as well as a structure committed to the convenience of the reader with compact introductions, informative marginalia, quickly comprehensible tables and a helpful glossary entice the reader to browse at a high level. The graphic language with its clear argumentation skilfully avoids unnecessary technical jargon and inelegant self-promotion.

Everything in its place

Cover pages with flaps at the front and back as well as the first page and the last pages contain highly condensed information that serves as a quick orientation of what distinguishes the company. The image section consists of a basic introductory part with an overview of the business fields and the course of the year, as well as the report of the supervisory board. The following business segment special in a reportage style is also the traditional focus of this issue of the annual report. The more text-intensive management report and the financial statements, which are dominated by figures, follow organically, broken up by numerous infographics.

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