The sustainable droplet protection wall.

Recyclable. Stable. Versatile. Mainteam's product development team designed the droplet protection wall in order to be able to maintain social exchange in personal contact in times of increased risk of infection. The developers were keen to design an environmentally friendly alternative to acrylic glass walls, which are difficult to dispose of. Therefore, the frame of the protective wall is made of stable, recyclable corrugated cardboard. The sufficiently wide feet ensure a safe standing without additional aids for mounting. The viewing window is made of crystal-clear PET film for excellent visibility combined with good recyclability. The modular construction can be extended as desired in a straight line and at a
90° angle by means of additional protective walls. 

The USP of our droplet protection wall impressed the doctors from the neurological-psychiatric care spectrum who are members of the umbrella association ZNS (SPiZ). Triggered by the Corona pandemic, the association launched a knowledge transfer website on which we were allowed to integrate an order function for our product.

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