Privacy statement

Privacy statement


Thank you for visiting our website. The secure use of your data is very important to us. Therefore, we wish to inform you about the use of your data when visiting our web presence.


Company contact information

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Data-protection supervisor contact information

Mainteam Bild · Text · Kommunikation GmbH

Weichertstraße 20, 63741 Aschaffenburg

Telephone: 06021/386750

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As a user of our website you receive all necessary information by this privacy statement about, how, to what extent and to what purpose we or third parties collect or use your data. The collecting and using of your data take place in accordance with the provisions of the German Data Protection Law (EU-DSGVO) and the German Teleservices Act (TMG). We are committed to protecting the integrity of your personalized data and therefore operate strictly within the limits set to us by law. The collection of your personalized data is done on a voluntary basis if it is possible for us. Also, we only pass these data to third parties with your expressed consent. In case of particularly confidential data, e.g. in payment transfer or in regard to your request to us, we take care by using an SSL encryption for high security. We do not want to pass the opportunity to point out the general dangers of internet use on which we have no influence. Especially in e-mail communication, your data is not secure without further arrangements and may be collected by third parties under certain circumstances.


Information, deletion, blocking

At any time, you can obtain information about your saved personalized data as well as origin, receiver and purpose of data collection and processing free of charge. Furthermore, you have the right to demand the correction, blocking or deletion of your data. Exception therefrom is data which has to be stored because of legal provisions or which is needed for an orderly settlement of business transactions. To enable locking of Data to be taken into account at any time, those Data must be kept in a lock file for control purposes. If data is not collected due to a legal archiving obligation, we delete your data at your request. When the archiving obligation catches, we lock your data. Please contact our Data-protection supervisor named in the contact information of this privacy statement or our address named in the imprint, for all questions and concerns about correction, blocking or deletion of personalized data.

Your personalized data (e.g. name, address, e-mail, telephone, etc.) and project data for the order processing are only handled according to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO). The order data is stored pursuant to valid legal specifications, a passing to a third party does not take place.

You are entitled to object to the storage and processing of your data at any time. You can place a revocation by telephone, post or e-mail.


Personalized data

Personalized data is collected in the frame of data avoidance and data minimization only to the extent and as long as it is necessary for the use of our website, or as it is prescribed by the legislators. We take the protection of your personal data seriously and operate in full observance of current legislation and this privacy statement concerning data collection and processing. If the purpose of data collection ceases or the end of the legal storage period is reached, the collected data is locked or deleted.

Our Website can be used regularly without the transfer of data. When we collect personalized data such as your name, address or e-mail address this data collection is voluntary. Without an expressed agreement from your side, the data are not brought to the attention of third parties.

Please note that in general data can not always be transmitted safely on the internet. In particular, the protection during data exchange by e-mail communication cannot be guaranteed.



We use cookies on our website. These small text files from our server are placed on your computer. They support the presentation of our website and help you to move on our website

Cookies collect data concerning your IP address, browser, operating system and internet connection. We do not link this information to your personalized data and do not pass it to third parties. Cookies are under no circumstances used by us to bring malware or spy programs onto your computer.

You can also use our website without using cookies whereby some presentations and functions of our offer may work only limited. In case you would like to deactivate cookies, you can get there by special settings of your browser. Please use its help function to make appropriate changes.

Online advertising cookies can be managed by the following links: for the USA for Europe


Performance of fee-based services

In case you want to use the fee-based actions and services offered on our website we probably have to collect further data from you for billing purposes and security reasons. Regularly, this is about your name, a valid e-mail address and possibly also your address and telephone number as well as further information depending on the individual case. This can also be about contents which allow us a controlling of the provided data such as your ownership concerning your given e-mail address. For legal reasons we have to make sure that you really want to receive the offered services and that we may properly invoice the offered performance. Regarding payment transactions, we work with standard SSL encryption for saving your data which can be recognized by the "https://" in your browser line.


Collection of access data

The delivery and presentation of the content about our website technically requires the collection of certain data. When you are accessing our website these so-called server log files are collected by our webspace provider. The appropriate information consists of the name of the website, the current date, the quantity of data, the web browser and its versions, the used operating system, the name of the domain of your internet provider, the referrer URL of the previous page you visited, and the appropriate IP address. These log files allow a conclusion on you and your person but are indispensable for the delivery and presentation of our contents for technical reasons. Furthermore, log files allow a precise check upon suspicion of an illegal use of our website and are saved for a period of 90 days.


Content and services of third-party contractors

The services on our website potentially also record contents, services and performances of other suppliers which complement our portfolio. Examples of such services are maps from Google Maps, YouTube videos or graphic views of third parties. The call of these services from third parties regularly requires the transmission of your IP address. Thus, it is possible for these suppliers to recognize and also save your user IP address.

We are looking very carefully to only involve such third-party suppliers which exclusively use the IP address for the delivery of the contents. However, we have no influence which third-party suppliers eventually save the IP address. This saving is for example for statistical purposes. If we become aware of saving operations from third-party suppliers, we immediately inform our user about this fact.

Please also note in this concern the special privacy statement about single third-party suppliers and service providers, whose service we use on our website. You can find them in this privacy statement, too.


SSL encryption

Our website makes use of SSL encryption when transmitting confidential or personal contents of our users. This encryption is for example activated when processing payment transactions or requests from you to us via our website. Please make sure from your side that the SSL encryption is activated during appropriate activities. The use of the encryption can easily be recognized: The display in your browser line changes from "http:// " to "https://". Data encrypted via SSL is not readable by a third party. Transmit your confidential information only when SSL encryption is activated and contact us if in doubt.


Objection of advertising e-mails

In the frame of the legal imprint obligation, we have to publish our contact data. These are sometimes used by third persons for sending unwanted advertising and information. We hereby object to all kinds of explicitly unauthorized sending of advertising media. We reserve the right to take legal action against the unwanted and unsolicited sending of advertising media. This applies in particular to so-called spam e-mails, spam letters and spam faxes. We point out that unauthorized transmission of advertising materials can affect competition law, civil law and criminal law facts. Especially e-mails and spam faxes can lead to high claims for damages if business operations are disturbed by overfilled mailboxes or fax devices.


Transfer to a third party

We will only transfer your data to third parties according to the legal provisions or in the case of an appropriate consent. Otherwise, a transfer to third parties does not happen unless we are obliged by mandatory legal provisions (transfer to external positions such as supervisory or prosecution authorities).


Recipients of the data / categories of recipients

Within our company, we make sure that only those persons receive your data, who need them for the fulfilment of contractual or legal duties. Within our business group, data transmissions take place for the purpose of invoicing, tracking receivables and personnel processes.

In many cases, service providers support our specialist departments in the fulfilment of their tasks. The necessary data protection law contract has been concluded with all service providers. This concerns the delivery of our e-invoices, external hosting partners, consultants who support us in various technical areas and service providers who perform support and repairs to the IT system. Equally, it concerns the data protection appropriate disposal of data on several media.


Third-country transmission / third-country transmission intention

A data transmission to third countries (outside the European Union or the European Economic Area) only takes place if it is necessary for the performance of contractual obligations, legally required or you gave us your permission for this.

We transmit your personalized data to a service provider or to a group company outside the European Economic Area:

United States of America (USA)

The compliance of the data protection is hereby guaranteed by:

EU-US Privacy Shield and EU standard contractual clauses


Google Maps Plugin

On our website, we use a plugin provided by the internet service Google Maps. The operator of Google Maps is Google Inc., located in the USA, CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View.

By using Google maps on our website, information about the use of this website and your IP address will be transmitted to a Google-Server in the USA where the information is also saved. We have neither knowledge about the precise content of the transmitted data nor about the use by Google. In this context, the company denies the linking of data with information from other Google services and the collection of personalized data. However, Google can transmit information to third parties.

If Javascript is deactivated in your browser, you prevent the execution of Google Maps. Then, you will not be able to use the map display on our website.

By using our website, you agree to the collection and processing of the information by Google Inc.

Details of the privacy policies and terms of use for Google Maps can be found here:


Font Awesome

For a uniform presentation of font types this website uses so-called web fonts, which are provided by Fonticons, Inc. When opening a page, the browser loads the required web fonts in your browser cache, to correctly display texts and fonts.

For this purpose, the browser used by you must contact the server of Fonticons, Inc. Hereby, Fonticons, Inc. gains knowledge that our website has been opened by your IP address. The use of web fonts is performed in the interest of a uniform and attractive presentation of our online services. This is an entitled interest according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO.

If your browser does not support web fonts your computer’s standard font will be used.

Further information about Font Awesome can be found under and in the privacy statement of Fonticons, Inc.:



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